5 Places You Should Never Hide Your House Key

It’s always a good idea to have a spare house key or two. You never know when you may get locked out or have visiting guests arrive while you’re not home. In these cases, you’ll want to have a copy of your key hidden away for later use. However, there are some things to know before going out to hide your key. Most of the common hiding spots people use are actually bad ideas, and we’ll tell you why in this post: 5 places you should never hide your house key.

Where Not To Hide Your Key

Under Your Doormat

5 Places You Should Never Hide Your House Key | ASAP Locksmith Blog

We’ll start with the most obvious: under your doormat. That’s most people’s go-to for hiding a key. That’s what makes it the absolute worst option: it’s what burglars will be expecting. And worse, there’s no security. Even with a security camera mounted above your door, there’s nothing really stopping a burglar from simply lifting up the mat and taking the key without much effort.

Inside a Hollowed Out Rock

5 Places You Should Never Hide Your House Key | ASAP Locksmith Blog

Fake rocks with a hollowed out interior are another popular hiding spot for keys. That’s because many people think they are hard to spot in plain sight, when actually, they tend to stick out like a sore thumb. There are some people who may find it useful, but only if they take the time to really make the rock blend in with its surroundings.

Under a Flower Pot

Like the doormat, flower pots are another common, but unsafe hiding place for your house key. People try to get around this by placing the key inside the flower pot, but that doesn’t really make it any harder to find. Even if you have 20 pots in your yard or on your porch, a burglar may not hesitate to check them all.

On Top of the Door Frame

Once again, this is a hiding place that offers absolutely no security. Sure, your door may be tall and require a ladder to properly reach your key, but burglars may simply use something to prod around up there and push down a key.

Inside a Fake Sprinkler Head

To be fair, this was once upon a time, a very good hiding spot for your keys. After all, most people (burglars included) will walk right past a sprinkler head without a second thought, making it less obvious than the previously mentioned spots. However, the problem with this spot is that it’s become all too common these days. As more people catch wind of this method, the less likely it is to fool a burglar. Remember, they’re familiar with homeowners’ security habits, so just because you may not have realized you could hide your key in a fake sprinkler head before now, don’t assume a burglar hasn’t too. 

So…Where Should You Hide Your Key?

Well, many security experts recommend not hiding a key anywhere around the exterior of your home, but rather keeping a copy with you, perhaps on your keyring or in a purse/wallet. That’s because most hiding places are simply too obvious. However, you are not without options. If you are planning to keep a spare key outside your home, we recommend placing it in a secure lockbox. You can tell your loved ones or guests the code or combination, and they can remove it at their convenience. This lockbox by Kidde is highly recommended and priced at only $30! 

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