Tips For Car Door Lock Maintenance

Your car locks play a significant role in preventing car theft. To ensure that they do their job properly you need to take care of them. Your car door lock is usually exposed to debris, humidity, and sun. These factors increase the risk of getting a jammed or rusty lock. If you don’t run proper maintenance, you may find yourself locked out of your car. There are a few things you can do in order to avoid such inconveniences. Here are car door lock maintenance tips from ASAP Locksmith – a company that’s tried and tested by Detroit residents. 

Cleaning Of Locks 

Proper cleaning is key to having durable and secure car door locks. Lock cleaning is very very simple. You just need a damp piece of fabric and slender object (screwdriver etc) to get into narrow parts. Just wrap the fabric around the screwdriver and starts cleaning your car locks. You’ll end up removing the debris and dust. In order to clean the keyhole, insert your “clothed” screwdriver in and move it carefully. Be careful not to force it inside! Stop as soon as you feel the resistance. 


Lubrication is an important step in car door lock maintenance. The important thing is that you need to make sure the lock is clean before you add oily substances for lubrication. Because lubricant may gum up with debris and dirt and clog the keyhole. As for the type of lubricant, make sure you use graphite spray lubricant, which is an optimal choice for car door locks. Properly lubricated locks work for a longer time and are more resistant to dirt.  


Very often, locks malfunction because they have loose parts. So you need to tighten up everything from time to time. This way you’ll be able to avoid inconveniences such as lockouts.


If you do everything that’s mentioned above, your car door locks will definitely work for a longer time. However, no lock can function forever. To prevent your car from the theft treat, you need to replace its locks if you notice that they are severely damaged.

Professional Locksmith Assistance

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