It’s probably been longer than you think.

No matter whether you’ve just purchased your first home or you’ve owned your place for years – changing the locks matters. It needs to be done fairly regularly in order to secure the safety of your property and family. However, many people don’t think about it, or outright overlook the necessity of changing the locks all over their home: front and back door locks, garage door locks, window locks, gate locks, pool fence locks, and more. From upgrading your home security to preventing a break-in, the benefits of changing locks are innumerable. So Detroit homeowners: when was the last time you changed your locks?

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So, why should you change your locks?

Many People Have Access To Your Keys

Think back on all the people you’ve ever given a copy of your house to (or simply lent your key to) – it will add up fast. 

  • All family members
  • Friends
  • Neighbor(s)
  • Contractor(s)
  • Housekeeper(s)
  • Babysitter(s)
  • Ex-boyfriend / girlfriend / wife  /husband

There are a hundred possibilities, and theoretically, even lending your key out to someone temporarily means they could have made a copy. Or maybe you lost a key…who knows who could have found them! The point is you may not know exactly who all has a working copy of your house key.

You Just Moved In

It’s fairly common knowledge that when moving into a previously owned home, one of the very first things on your agenda should be changing the locks, because of reasons similar to those listed above: you can’t know or control who has a copy of the key to the old locks. 

A Break-in Happened in Your Neighborhood

Whether or not your house was the one that got burglarized, the perpetrators could be coming for your house next! It may be the wake-up call you need to upgrade to stronger, better locks. 

You’ve Been Through a Divorce or Breakup 

These situations are unfortunate, but you always need to look after yourself and or your family when it happens. By changing the locks, you’re ensuring that a former partner can’t get back into your home if you don’t want them to. 

Your Locks are Broken or Worn Out

Weak locks and broken locks make easy targets for criminals. They act as beacons to potential burglars, screaming, “Here, here! Welcome into our home!” If your locks are starting to show signs of wear and tear, it may be time to consider a replacement instead of another repair. 

You Want to Upgrade

Sometimes it’s just plain and simple: you want to upgrade. There are so many types of residential locks available these days which vary by style, durability, strength, and functionality. From simple cylinder locks to smartphone activated deadbolts – there’s something for every homeowner on the market. 

Residential Security in Detroit

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